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A World is your application. We continuously collect data about how people are using your application to build a map of your World.

Your World naturally changes over time as new pages, APIs, or elements get introduced. Testgram keeps up with your World through the data it collects.

The Components of a World

A World is natural grouping of all the data, Players, and team members necessary to test one application. A World has:

  • Data: Each environment/URL where your application is deployed is part of the same World. Testgram will learn from any combination (or all) of the environments you allow.
  • Players: The Players you create will also be part of that World. The data you collect through usage on your environments will be used to run your Players.
  • Team Members: Your team members are also a part of your World. Each team member can take advantage of the Players and data collected for a particular world.