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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Testgram

At its core, Testgram is an AI enabled, web-testing platform that helps you build and deploy scalable user simulations. These simulations helps you answer one simple question: "Will the code I wrote today affect my users tomorrow?".

The goal of these simulations is to help you quickly test your application in all the ways that it’s really used by users without having to author, manage, or maintain specific tests. It’s built to address the key pain points we noticed developers have around web testing.

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Who uses Testgram?

Our users are typically developers or QA engineers building web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks.

What makes Testgram different?

At Testgram we believe that the best products in the world are built in places that remove barriers between creators and consumers.

We built Testgram to bring users to the center of how we test our applicaiton. In Testgram, you build simulated users that execute a series of checkpoints called Players. And you build Players instead of tests. This allows you to focus on documenting what you care about testing, while Testgram figures out how.

Think if analytics met testing.

Will Testgram work for me?

Testgram learns from user interactions on the browser and simulates on the browser too. If your application runs on the browser, there's a good chance Testgram will work for you. Testgram supports 30+ frameworks including Angular, React, Vue, Next.js, Angular.js, JQuery and Ember.

Where does Testgram run?

A fundamental goal of testing is early detection. Testgram is built to run early and often in your workflow: starting on your local machine, CI pipelines, intermediate QA/staging environments, or really, anywhere.

Feedback (or come join us)!

We're making Testgram better every day, and we πŸ’™ hearing your feedback!

If you'd like to find out more about where we're headed, have some ideas, or just want to grab a drink with us please reach out at

If you have a bunch of feedback and want to help make it a reality, come join our team! We're a group of people who love building and creating world-class tools developers love.

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